With every passing day it's becoming more and more clear that President Barack Obama must not have any desire to see the faces of Mt. Rushmore, check out Bear Country U.S.A., visit  The Cosmos natures mystery area, get a gander of Falls Park all lit up on a winters night, or take in a show at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center.

Think about it, President Barack Obama has racked up hundreds of thousands of miles traveling around the country and the world. But never once, throughout the six years of Obama's presidency has he ever visited South Dakota.

What's the problem, aren't our golf courses good enough out here? Is it because the majority of the Rushmore state is filled full of people who like to cling to their guns and religion?

Before all of us South Dakotans start to play "Woe is Me" on the worlds smallest violin for ourselves, you should know we're not alone.

Since taking office Obama still has yet to visit three states following his post-State of the Union trip on Wednesday to Idaho. Those states are; South Dakota, Utah and South Carolina.

So buck up little camper, there's still time. He has nearly 2 years to grab his golf clubs, head west, and get in a quick 18 on one of the many South Dakota golf courses.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest says Obama would like to visit all 50 states before he turns over the presidency in January 2017.