South Dakota is no longer the redheaded stepchild state any longer.

Guess who's finally coming?

Yep, President Obama has made it official, he plans on visiting the Rushmore State on Friday, May 8 2015.

Airforce One will be headed west to South Dakota as Mr. Obama is scheduled to deliver the commencement address at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown.

Obama broke the news on Monday during an interview with Nancy Naeve on KSFY-TV.

This will be Obama's first trip to South Dakota since being elected Commander and Chief back in 2008.

The trip to South Dakota will also put a cap on the president's 50-state tour before he leaves office.

Mr. Obama visited Salt Lake City last week, his first stop in Utah since becoming president, and he also knocked off South Carolina and Idaho this year.

By the way, of the last six presidents, Mr. Obama joins only Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush to make it to every one of the states while being president. Bush impressively doing so in his first and only term.

George W. Bush came close with 49 states under his belt as president, but he never made it to Vermont.

Source: The Washington Post