If you start your day with Kickin' 100.5 you start your day with Radio's most talked-about highest-profile jocks in the country, Bobby Bones. Bobby and the crew are positive, they are upbeat and feature some of the biggest names in country music, on their show every week! 16-episode series that premieres Monday, May 31 (10 pm ET, National Geographic).

If you've been listening to the show you know that Bobby is also on Television quite a bit. He's been an advisor on American Idol. Bobby won Dancing With the Stars a few seasons ago. He's also been on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Now, you can see him, in his own series on Nat Geo's Breaking Bobby Bones. According to Inside Radio.com;

Over the next eight weeks — two new episodes debut each week — viewers will see Bones attempt, and often fail, to learn and execute a new skill or ability, as he encounters people with extraordinary jobs and hobbies. In one episode, he partners with a Hollywood stunt performer. In another, he joins a blind former U.S. Navy Petty Officer and kayaks Idaho’s Payette River blindfolded.

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Many of the tasks that Bobby will be assigned in the series involve physical feats that most never have to do. Some of the challenges will also involve things like fear. In particular, the fear of heights.

In it, he joins a rope access technician in cleaning the underside of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a 70-foot glass walkway situated 4,000 feet above the Colorado River.

“It was so bad I almost cried,” Bones says, “not because I was sad or happy but because my body was just, like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’”

I'm looking forward to watching the show on Nat Geo. And I'm a fan of Bobby Bones. He came from nothing. Everything he put together was because of his GRIT. I love this paragraph that Inside Radio quoted Bones on;

The goal, Bones says, was to force himself to push through uncomfortable situations. “I'm not someone who is just filled with talent,” he says. “All I have is tenacity. I’ve learned that if you keep screwing up, you're going to learn each time. Eventually, you’ll accomplish those goals. For me, it's been, one, survival — I’ve got to pay the bills. Then, two, is to share with people, ‘Hey, why are you scared? Are you scared of failing? If so, don't be scared of that; watch me fail all the time. Go and pursue whatever it is. Even if you do fail, it's okay.’”

Watch Breaking Bobby Bones on Nat Geo. Chances are, in one way or the other, you'll be inspired. Then, if you've never listened to The Bobby Bones Show, check it out, weekday mornings on Kickin' 100.5 and every morning, you'll start your day in a better mood and more in touch with the world you walk through every day.

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