The South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigation is search for clues after the body of a woman was found in a car following a police chase.

Just before noon on Monday (January 1) a trooper saw a driver traveling eastbound in Lawrence County atover 100 miles an hour. The driver didn’t stop when directed to do so, and a pursuit took place.

Law enforcement eventually spiked the vehicle tires which came to a stop on I-90 inside Rapid City limits.

Sara Rabern with the South Dakota Attorney General's Office released a statement with further details:

The pursuit continued east on I-90 from Spearfish to Rapid City, reaching speeds of about 118 mph. Law enforcement did successfully spike the vehicle which eventually came to a stop on I-90 inside of Rapid City city limits.

The suspect attempted to run on foot, but was apprehended.

Tosten Lommen, 30, of Santa Cruz, California tried to run but was arrested. Upon a search of the vehicle, officials say they found the body of a deceased female.

The incident remains under investigation.

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