The South Dakota Highway Patrol is desperately looking for a number of men and women right now that are willing to join their team.

According to Dakota News Now, SDHP has seen over two-dozen officers leave the agency this year alone, leaving the highway patrol struggling to find qualified candidates that are willing to help patrol South Dakota's roads and highways.

Thanks to the recent departures, Dakota News Now reports the agency is down around 22 troopers at this time.

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Secretary of Public Safety Craig Price says, even with the recent bump in pay that Governor Kristi Noem approved for South Dakota Highway Patrolmen the agency is still having a difficult time finding men and women to serve the citizens of South Dakota as state troopers.

The primary reason is pay. Even with the most recent increase, salaries for South Dakota Highway Patrol officers still lag behind other law enforcement agencies in the state’s largest cities and counties.

As Dakota News Now reports, over the past year, Governor Noem has been using a number of campaigns attempting to recruit other officers from all across the country using a message stating that South Dakota fully supports law enforcement.

The results up to this point have not been what the state was hoping for.

If you've always had an interest in law enforcement and are a person with honor, integrity, high moral, and ethical character the state of South Dakota would love to speak with you.

It should also be known, that South Dakota is offering a $5,000 hiring incentive to current certified law enforcement officers from in and out of state or to those who are reciprocity eligible and pass the reciprocity exam and skills testing necessary to be selected for employment with SDHP.

Interested candidates can learn more about South Dakota Highway Patrol opportunities here.

Source: Dakota News Now/SDHP

Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon and Townsquare Media Sioux Falls

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