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Maddie and Tae just released their new project Through The Madness: Volume 1 and Taylor also just welcomed her first child into the world with her husband Josh Kerr. Maddie virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to catch up on all the new happenings in their lives and career.

Taylor shared on Instagram about the journey of her pregnancy that had her in the hospital several weeks early and giving birth to baby Leighton early as well. Maddie shared that Taylor is home now after being on bed rest for over a month. She is doing great and "recovering like a champ" according to Maddie. Also adding that baby Leighton is doing great and getting stronger every day. As Maddie put it, Taylor birthed a child last week and their album was just born so it's literally chaos for their lives right now.

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Through The Madness: Volume 1 has several inspirations behind it. "Madness" is one of the songs on the project that inspired the title. Maddie shared the hook of the song is "love you through the Madness" and she was inspired by that chorus to make it as the title. She hopes fans see it as a hopeful title especially when listening to the song "Madness." Adding that it's like a "musical hug." Another song on the project "Grown Man Cry" was inspired by a conversation with one of their sister-in-laws. They were talking about a friend's breakup and how the guy cried a lot during it. Maddie thought to herself "man that girl must be special because she made a grown man cry" and the song was born. Maddie added that she believes Taylor is the cool girl of the two and was definitely the hot girl growing up, whereas Maddie was a heart on her sleeve kind of girl. So the song's character is more inspired by Taylor. A hopeful song on the EP that made Maddie cry is "The Other Side." Whereas the angry song on the project is "Wish You The Best." Maddie describes the song as a sparkly middle finger to an ex, it's like a "boom, roasted" kind of song.

Maddie has been with her husband Jonah Font for over 12 years, and the two of them just celebrated their second marriage anniversary. They recently moved to a new house out in the woods and they were really excited about it. However, things took a turn with their beloved chickens. Maddie shared their 3 chickens were doing great for the first few months so much so that they added 4 new chickens to the mix. Those 4 chickens ended up causing havoc, teaching all of the chickens how to get out and get into shenanigans. One night they got out and were eaten. When Maddie and Jonah were walking their property one day they found the fox hole with chicken feathers in it. Maddie confessed that she definitely cried when it all happened. On a brighter note, her dog Emmie is still doing great and still being her usual crazy self.

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