Lunchbox called Morgan a poser for pretending to have a deep southern accent when interviewing Lainey Wilson.

Morgan comes from a very country family, so there is a side of her that is country, but in college, she took classes to make sure she spoke clearly if she was going to go into journalism. She does have some slang that comes out every now and then, but not a lot. They played the clip of Morgan interviewing Wilson where you could hear her voice slip into a southern accent.

She promised it was not intentional and sometimes it comes out when she’s around people who have accents. Her dad listened to the interview and didn’t hear anything wrong with her voice because that’s how he’s used to hearing her. When she goes back home and is around her family the country comes back out. Lunchbox said the 6 years she’s been on the show, he’s never heard her country accent, so he thinks it’s fake!

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