Recently Lunchbox updated The Bobby Bones Show on his high school reunion, where he planned to rent an expensive, flashy car to show up in. The last we heard was that actress and model Brooklyn Decker offered up her Tesla to Lunchbox over Twitter. She said he was able to use hers for the night of the reunion so long as he didn't name drop her.

After debating on the show what would make him look best, Lunchbox decided showing up in a 'name dropping' Tesla would be flashier and 'more cool' rather than just showing up in one that was 'his.' Once he found out with Decker that she didn't want him name dropping, he began looking around for other celebrities to ask if he could borrow their flashy car.

The high school reunion is a few weeks away so Lunchbox only has a short amount of time to figure out his big move.

How about you? How would you feel about driving a Tesla to your class reunion?

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