Father's Day is all about celebrating the dads of the world! The Bobby Bones Show dads are no exception, they all shared how they spent the special holiday.

Eddie shared that his sons wanted to do individual things with him so they could celebrate him on their own terms. Eddie's 14-year-old took him golfing and he drove the golf cart. His younger son woke him up at 5 a.m. Sunday morning to go fishing. His other younger son took him to lunch at Whataburger, Eddie's favorite place.

 Lunchbox and his family ate breakfast at McDonald's because there were no reservations in town. They followed up breakfast by walking around at an art festival and then going home for a nap. The whole family then spent Sunday at the Nashville SC game.

Scuba Steve spent the weekend relaxing, and doing a whole lot of nothing because he always has to do things. Though he did grill out and ate some steak. He added that he also let his son mow with him, which Scuba then had to spend the weekend fixing the yard.

Raymundo shared that he couldn't go visit his 23 eggs at a fertility clinic because it was a Sunday.

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