Bobby & Lunchbox Share Update on Their First Storage Unit
Bobby & Lunchbox Share Update on Their First Storage Unit

Last week, they purchased their first storage unit for a little over $237. Lunchbox went out to the storage unit over the weekend to find out what all was actually in it. He admitted he was nervous to go because he wasn't sure if there would be anything in the unit worth money. Before going to check things out, he prayed to the "Storage Locker Gods" with the employees at the storage unit.

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 Bones said they couldn't reveal what all was in the locker at this time because it may put him and Lunchbox at risk. While there wasn't anything illegal, Bones did say there was a burner phone found in the unit. Also, Lunchbox did find the Jordans inside the unit that was pictured on the auction website, and they were super nice. However, they weren't the biggest item inside the unit. There were several other nice pairs of shoes. Lunchbox plans to sell the items over the course of the next week and they will reveal what all was inside the unit at later dates.

Both Bones and Lunchbox are confident they will make their $237 back very easily.

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