Jimmie Allen has been vocal on social media in the wake of recent events around the death of George Floyd and protests across the United States. As one of few black individuals making a career as a country artist, Allen came on The Bobby Bones Show to speak about his experiences throughout his career.

When Bobby Bones asked Allen what it's like being in a genre of mostly white people, Allen shared why he got into it in the first place. He said that his family grew up on country music and he always had a love for it. He was a little nervous getting into the genre at first, especially because not only did he look different than others, but he didn't have the traditional country sound. He shared that at the beginning of his career, someone told him that they love him and his music, but wasn't sure how to market him.

Allen said that this story and his differences didn't really bother him, he saw it as an opportunity to be a representation for people that look like him. He continued by adding that if people ever question country radio, he wants them to look at his career. He said, "Country radio made my career... I have 2 number 1s." He added that there are more people out there willing to love you and accept you, than the opposite.

As far as his opinions on the protests and other events happening right now, Allen said that he loves it. Especially right now when there are no sports and other things on TV to distract individuals from what's happening. He told listeners to go out, do research, and educate themselves. He continued,

"Love everybody. If you're open and love everybody, we will see a change."

He also reminded everyone to give others time to process the way they need to. He shared, "Hateful words don't welcome a listening ear." Allen ended his conversation with Bones by sharing that the movement happening right now is big on love and understanding from both sides. At the end of this, it's about mutual understanding and that's what we are working towards.

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