This is a true-life horror story, and it's been going on for quite a while

Yes, in Crosby, Minnesota it is like Halloween all year long, there is one of the scariest things you'll ever run see, and since 2013 people have been spooked out of their minds or should I say scuba gear - you see the only way you'll bump into this haunting figure is 112 feet below the surface at Loiuse Mine Lake.

A HUGE fan makes brings to life "Jason" out of scraps...

...and imagination. His name is Doug Klein, and like a lot of horror fans he loves the movie "Friday The 13th",  so one day about ten years ago he started to piece together some scraps he had from construction sites - his job as an electrician took him to many places to gather what he needed, then as added "..Klein, who also scuba dives, borrowed a fake head from his diving buddy, Curtis Lahr and spent around thirty dollars on some thrift store clothes" At that point of time "Jason" was born again, sort of. Doug had a ghoulish idea to take his creation diving, with his scuba gear on, he and his scary buddy dove down 112 feet at Louise Mine Lake. There on the bottom, he chained Jason to his underwater home. My quick thought was does Doug miss his friend? Well as a matter of fact, according to Doug has paid him a visit -"I think it was probably 2017, I went and took a selfie with him, Went down, shot a video with me right next to him and posted that, it was just real short. And that video went viral."

Obviously, some local residents have raised concern

Some locals have feared that someone swimming in the lake might panic if they SWAM INTO Jason - not possible -"...Jason's depth of 112 feet means only an advanced open-water diver would be able to access him..."

Here is what it would look like though IF you did meet Jason at Louise Mine Lake:

Curtis Lahr YouTube


I should have warned you not to watch the video before bedtime.



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