It's Friday the 13th and there is going to be a Full Moon tonight.  It could get freaky.

If you are superstitious here is a list of some places you may want to avoid today.  These are some spots around Sioux Falls that have reported the most paranormal activity.

Actors Studio next to the Community Playhouse-Rumor is a man thought to be killed back when it was the Rainbow Bar and Grill haunts it.  He was supposedly dancing with a woman when her husband walked in, saw them together, and shot him.

The Amidon Affair Monument next to the St. Michael's Cemetery on North Cliff Ave. In 1862 there was an indian uprising as a result of unjust government treatment.  Near this place Judge Joseph Amidon and his son William were killed while making hay on their farm.  Strange orb lights have been reported at this site.

Washington Pavilion is said to be haunted by a construction worker who fell to his death during renovations when it was being transformed from the old Washington High School to the present day facility.

Gitchi Manitou State Park located just east of Sioux Falls on the South Dakota / Iowa border along the Big Sioux river has a couple spooky legends. In 1973 Four Sioux Falls teenagers that were partying one night were murdered by 3 brothers from that area. The murderers were caught and are serving life in maximum security in Fort Madison, Iowa.

Another reported haunting stems from the 1800’s when American Indians used the area for ceremonial traditions. At one time it was believed that over 10,000 American Indians occupied the site.  People have reported haunting mists forming over the water on clear nights and have heard branches breaking and “low growling sounds” when no animals were seen.

Pettigrew House Museum in central Sioux Falls is rumoured to be haunted by the wife of Senator Richard Franklin Pettigrew who purchased the house in 1911.

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