Angela Drake of Tea, South Dakota is on a mission following the suicide of Brittany, Angela’s 17 year old daughter!

“I don’t think there are words to put it into. The anguish, despair, the sadness, questions and answers, there is so much that there aren’t words for it.”

Angela was emotionally frozen following Brittany’s suicide.

“The morning after she died I literally laid in bed and didn’t think I would ever get out again. I prayed! Somewhere, somehow God filled me with enough hope to get up, keep going and be able to share. I just hold on onto that hope everyday.”

From first hand experience, Angela offers this message if one of your children is thinking about suicide.

“You have to be an advocate for your child. You have to go to bat for what you know they need. Keep searching! Keep looking for resources. The more you scream and shout the more you find. There are some amazing resources here in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area that are available. You just have to find them.”

And most of all, Angela says there is always hope and that’s the power of faith.

“Without my faith, I would still be laying in that bed. Everyday is a struggle to get up. Some days I have to pray longer to get out of bed. But, everyday I am able to get up and get going. I know that Brittany would want me too. I know she would want to help other people and I am doing that for her.”

Angela Drake is a Real Survivor who is making a difference!

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