Normally February 28 is the deadline to remove fish houses from lakes in South Dakota. It's a sound policy since it is entirely possible to hit the 40's and 50's by March 1. This year that seems a little hasty.

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks announced that they are extending the deadline for when anglers need to have their fish houses off of the ice. They have not set a new deadline but will announce when that will happen.

In a news release GFP said that heavy snow and wind has made navigating ice difficult. They didn't cite the other possible reason, that the long range forecasts to see the temperature rising above 21 until March 9. It is, allegedly, supposed to warm up after that. Let's hope it does!

Once it does warm up it won't be long before the ice cannot support the weight of anything that doesn't float, like fish houses and pickup trucks.

When I was a kid my neighbors helped a guy whose tractor fell through the ice at a snowmobile race. And it was barely starting to warm then.

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