If you are a deer hunter there are two words that you do not want to hear this time of year. Chronic Wasting. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was recently confirmed in a new area in western South Dakota. According to Outdoor News Daily;

Perkins County is now considered in the CWD endemic area. South Dakota has now confirmed CWD in 17 counties of western and central South Dakota.

If you are already out in the field bowhunting, or preparing for a youth hunt, make sure you check with the South Dakota Game Fish And Parks Website to get the latest information. In fact, we just received a flyer in the mail that said, learn more about statewide law for transportation and disposal of deer and elk carcasses and how it may affect you.

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The GFP Commission recently modified carcass transportation and disposal regulations for the entire state that are effective beginning with the 2021 hunting seasons. The goal of the new CWD regulations is to help reduce the spread of CWD into new areas of South Dakota.

Most deer harvested will display no signs of the disease if caught in early stages. Later you may see symptoms like, progressive loss of weight and body condition, behavioral changes, excessive salivation, loss of muscle control and eventual death.

With the extreme drought and warm temperatures EHD is also on hunters minds. The EHD virus is transmitted primarily by biting midges. According to Field and Stream.com; 

The agency removed 559 unsold double-tag antlerless deer licenses in the western part of the state. Each license allowed for two deer, meaning 1,118 tags were withdrawn in total. State officials say the move is part of a broader plan to help protect deer populations in heavily disease-impacted areas. The licenses were for private land hunting.

As usual, call ahead and check to see what things are like with your landowners and keep that GFP App handy on your phone. Hunters may need to change and adapt this fall season.


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