The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department has extended the application deadline for several deer hunting seasons. Most until June 14.


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Hunters can expect more changes in the future to South Dakota's deer hunting season. And the new regulations are being favored by some.

Last week an entirely new change was proposed in how licenses are allocated. Deer hunters would be asked to choose two of seven licenses that allow using guns to apply for in the first drawing. Those chosen could possibly receive two licenses in the second drawing. With the current law hunters can apply for and draw tags for six seasons on the first draw.

According to the Rapid City Journal the new proposal creates a combined pool drawing for the Black Hills, East River, West River, Custer State Park, Refugee and Muzzleloader deer seasons. Hunters may submit an application in no more than two seasons on the first and second draw of licenses. In the third draw, licenses are no longer pooled and hunters can apply and theoretically draw licenses for any of the six seasons in which they don't already have a tag from the first or second draw.

The Journal reports that the changes are aimed at giving hunters a higher probability of drawing a tag for their first choice.

Source: Rapid City Journal

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