Most people watch a calendar. I do that too, but I also like to watch trees.  Trees and vegetation tell a story.

The story right now reads: Fall is coming to Sioux Falls and other areas throughout the Midwest.

I started thinking of it when I talked with the folks from Hanisch Farms when I had stopped out to pick up cucumbers from the Farmers Market on 69th street in Sioux Falls. He mentioned the burrs had already changed to a brown. He said, it's coming. And that was two weeks ago.

First of all, the rain we picked up last week (5+ inches) has keep things crazy green. The picture I took with the Samsung Galaxy S7 shows that work is on the way. We have a rotation of trees at our place in southeast that will keep me busy starting now through November 3rd.

I'll start in my back yard with two huge trees that are always the first to go. When they're getting done, the lilac bushes start shedding. Then it's around to the front of the house where the Blaze Autumn Maple will be dropping followed by our weeping mulberry that grew like it was on steroids this summer.

I saw a picture on twitter the other day of a Blaze Autumn Maple that had already changed its color to a bright red. Not sure what that was all about. I think mine is about 3 weeks away from starting to change.

Coming soon, I'll share with you a story about the tree in our front yard that tells me when it's time to start getting ready to go bow hunting.

If you have friends who like to garden and putter around the house and talk trees, please share this story with them.

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