Some people wait for a tell tale sign.  Or is it tell 'tail' sign?  I'm talking about 'back to school,' or an event like 'Dakotafest' to signal the beginning of the end!  Summer is winding down.

I was looking around my place tonight for signs and they're already showing up.  For instance, how about the leaves already falling off the tree in my back yard.  Last year when they started falling early, I thought it was because of the drought.  Turns out that tree just gets rid of its leaves first on our property.

Summer to fall is an interesting transition.  It's really my favorite segue of the year. Winter to spring seems like it takes forever, where summer to fall just kinds of happens.  It can sneak up on you.  All the sudden your grabbing a jacket on the way to work or even reaching for a scrapper to tackle frost on the windshield before heading off for the day.

Time slips away.  Our tree in the back yard will be the first to shed its leaves.  Then, our blaze orange maple in the front yard, followed up by our  weeping mulberry bush that is late greening up in the spring and the last to let it's leaves drop in the fall.

It's funny how we gage the time of year, by the leaves on certain trees.' That tree in our front yard?  I know that when the last tree has fallen on it that it's time to be sitting in a tree.  When the last leaves fall off that bad boy it's deer hunting RUT time, sure as heck.  I'll keep track of it again this year just to show you.

Flies are already looking to get inside.  Even though the temperatures have been warm recently, you really can't fool mother nature.  Fall is coming.  And winter cant' be too far behind.

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