Growing up, they weren't a favorite of mine. Pickles kind of grow on you, they certainly did with me. Now, I like them a lot. And certain pickles, at a certain time of the year, are awesome.

Thursday, my wife and I made a trip to pick up cucumbers at Lake Loraine Farmers Market. It's turned into a Thursday tradition for us to go pick up a few fresh items. While we were there I noticed Jared Hanisch of Hanisch Farms going through a big box of cucumbers for making pickles. I believe he said they were Endeavor Cucumbers.  Here's how naïve I am when it comes to pickles, I thought you just used regular cukes and picked them when they were smaller!

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Hanisch mentioned that the cucumbers used for making pickles were from a special and rather expensive seed. He mentioned one seed costs as much as $20! All I knew was looking at the box of miniature cucumbers was starting to make me drool a little bit. The different shades of green were beautiful as you can tell by the photo.

It's a great time of year! We picked up some squash and some regular cucumbers or as the professionals like to call the 'slicers.' According to Caden Hanisch, the variety we picked up were Early Pride.  Tomatoes are starting to become a little more prevalent at Farmers Market too as we segue into August!

I think you'll agree with me, late and July and early August can be a delicious time of year!

By the way, huge shoutout to John Soukup from Wagner. Soukup makes the best pickles in the history of modern man.

Do you have a favorite pickle-making memory? If so, share it with me and maybe I'll write a story about it, the next time I get into a pickle looking for a story!

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