What in the World is a 'South Dakota Martini'?

I have had the pleasure of living in Sioux Falls for almost four years. Although I truly love living in God's country, there is one aspect of living in Sioux Falls that still puzzles me to this day.

Serious question: Why do Sioux Falls beer drinkers put pickles in their drinks? Just a personal preference, I'm the type of person who prefers to consume her food separate from her drink and not while it’s floating around in her drink!

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When I first moved to South Dakota, one of my friends bought a beer and the waitress asked, "With or without a pickle?" I had to check with my friend to see if I actually heard the waitress correctly. Sure enough, people like to call this drink a "South Dakota Martini."

This tradition hails from different parts of the Midwest, especially South Dakota. According to Urban Dictionary, the South Dakota Martini is "an American adjunct lager with green olives." This recipe can also involve pickles. From my understanding, pairing the pickle with a light draft beer is the best way to enjoy a South Dakota Martini.

So why do beer drinkers in Sioux Falls and South Dakota put pickles in their beers? Apparently, it tastes pretty good. Taste of Home explains, "Basically, the vinegar and salt in the pickle complement the flavor of the beer, which makes drinking a whole new (and better) experience." Umm...okay I'll take your word for it.

As someone who doesn't drink beer, adding a pickle to it does not make it any more appealing for me to taste. Therefore if you're someone who likes pickles in his or her beer, I respect you for being adventurous!

I'll just stick to my periodic glass of wine. What do you think about putting pickles in beer? Do you enjoy it, or do you prefer a plain, good old-fashioned beer?


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