States are always looking for new ways to market themselves. They do it to encourage people to visit and spend their tourism dollars in the state. They also do it to try to entice people and businesses to move to the state.

Over the years South Dakota has made a gallant effort to encourage people to come to the 605. SD had that jingle for a long time. You know the one with the people singing “South Dakota.” There was also that whole ‘Mars’ thing. So we got that going for us.

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But, what if we try going another way? Hear me out. We promote South Dakota as the state where it is legal to sleep naked.

I was reading about stupid laws. You know the ones that make no sense to the modern citizen. Like how in South Dakota it’s illegal to sleep in a cheese factory. Or like how in Sioux Falls every hotel room must have twin beds two feet apart and love cannot be made between the beds.

Well, I read that in Minnesota it is illegal to sleep naked. Because…I don’t know. Probably something about the cold and shrinkage or something.

But I'm pretty sure it IS legal to sleep naked in South Dakota.

<p>What if South Dakota uses this quirk in <a href="/tags/Minnesota" target="_blank">Minnesota </a>law to entice people from the Land of a Thousand Lakes to come to The Mount Rushmore State and sleep naked?</p><p> </p>

It perfect! It’s got a bit of a rebellious flair, a hint of sex appeal, and naked people.


A New South Dakota Tourism Slogan

We'll need to come up with a marketing slogan. Something like, “South Dakota: No Skivvies, No Problem.” Or how about, “Put Your Cheeks on the Sheets in SD.”

We’ll need lots of billboards. In fact, we should take a Wall Drug approach to billboards. Every five miles of Interstate 90 we should have huge signs that remind folks that in South Dakota you can sleep naked all you want. Just miles and miles of billboards.

Once the billboards are up, we’ll need an advertising campaign. Commercials to run during Vikings games and on people's social media feeds.

It's Illegal To Sleep Naked In Minnesota, So Do It In South Dakota!

Let’s brainstorm some commercial copy:

“Hey Minnesota-ians, are you sick of The Man getting on your case about you’re bedtime attire? Are the squares hassling you for choosing your birthday suit over a bedtime suit?


Then come to South Dakota where we are free to sleep naked! Sure, there’s plenty of stuff here that is illegal that maybe shouldn't be, but sleeping naked is Not one of them.


Sleep at night? Do it Naked
Nap in the afternoon? Naked!
Work at night and sleep during the day? DO it naked! (The sleeping, going to work naked probably IS illegal. Or at least frowned upon).”

I’m positive South Dakota could make upward of dozens of dollars by targeting the legal sleeping naked-based tourism market.

As South Dakotans, we’re gonna end up being laughed at for things our elected leaders are doing, so why not add this to the mix? We might as well embrace the ridicule and make some money off of it.

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That’s my proposal. I should add that I do not have a background in tourism, marketing, or sleeping naked. I’m a wear a shirt in the pool type of guy My bedtime will always include various Batman T-shirts. But, I think this could work as well as any other ideas coming out of Pierre in 2022.


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