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Last year, Eddie confessed that when he was a child at summer camp he made a really good friend named Jules. They planned to keep in touch but after a few letter exchanges, Eddie never heard from Jules again. He was thinking about him in his adult life and wanted to try to track Jules down again.

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Today (February 1) we got an update from Eddie on his quest to track down Jules from his summer camp. However, he hasn't had any luck. The few Jules he's found online weren't him. Eddie plans to keep looking, especially with another more adult name in mind like Julian. The conversation about Jules spun off an interesting story behind this summer camp that Eddie attended. Turns out, Eddie thinks the summer camp he attended was actually a juvy camp.

 Eddie recalled that his friend Pepé asked him to go to summer camp so Eddie did, but when he got there it wasn't at all fun. The camp was a week-long and they had a strict bedtime, had to wash dishes, and shower together. Eddie said that the whole week felt like jail like he was constantly in trouble. He was confused because he was a good kid and definitely didn't mean to end up at a juvy camp.

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