Where did it go? Summer 2018 was here and gone in a flash! The days and weeks seemed to click and whir by faster than ever and now we find ourselves staring at the calendar that says new month and a new season is coming soon.

The other night I was out for a walk with Molly the Black Lab. We were out on our customary route when I thought I noticed a different color in one of the Blaze Autumn Maples we pass every day. Then this morning on the way to work I noticed it again and sure enough that tree is saying it a little louder today. Fall is coming.

There are other tell tale signs around the neighborhood. Many of the homeowners in the area have lowered their mowers a notch. With the shorter days and growing season all but done, that's a good idea and I'll be following suite at next mow. Just a heads up it's pretty much gone. Summer that is. The good news? My favorite season of the year starts soon!

What's your favorite season of the year?

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