Another type of bike will be allowed on bike paths, trails and other places in Sioux Falls effective today.

E-bikes, the type of bike that can be manually pedaled or operated by a small internal motor are officially welcome on all the paths and bike lanes in the city.

Back in December 2018 the approval came, but the effective date is Thursday, January 10. A few rules of the road are in place to keep traditional bicyclists and e-bike riders safe on the same paths. The motor needs to be 750 watts or lower, with a limit of 15 miles per hour. E-bikes fitting this criterion will be allowed on cycle tracks, sidewalks, recreational trails and in bike lanes.

“The addition of E-bikes provides an opportunity to remind all trail users of proper safety and etiquette for both cyclists and walkers. Be courteous and aware of your surroundings no matter your mode of transportation,” said Don Kearney, Director of Parks and Recreation. “It’s important we work together to ensure a safe and accommodating trail system.



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