If you were to visit one Sioux Falls Park per week you would need more than a year and a half to see all of them. You could accomplish that adventure if you made it to two per week. There are over 80 City-owned parks in Sioux Falls and most have picnic shelters to enjoy family gatherings or special events. Knowing this, and wanting to enjoy the beauty of a park setting for an afternoon you will need to plan with reservations.

For a $25 non-refundable fee anyone can reserve a Sioux Falls Picnic Shelter up to 120 days before the date of the event.

If you are looking at a large gathering of your in-laws and outlaws choose the park picnic shelter large enough to accommodate everyone and to make sure there will be enough parking.

Choose your site based on what activities are available like playground features, bathrooms, swimming pools, or aquatic centers. It may be good to know if the Sioux Falls Bike Trail is adjacent to the site.

There are a few other details that may apply such as canopy permits, noise control relief permits for amplified sound, vehicle permits, or inflatable play device permits. These should be noted at the time of making a reservation.

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