A bicycle may not be the quickest way to commute to work, but with the price of gas at $4.17 per gallon I think you'll agree that it may be the most economical form of transportation.

May 16-22 is National Bike To Work Week and Friday of this week is the target day for all bicycle owners, yes here in Sioux Falls too, to participate in Bike to Work Day.

For some biking to work is part of their daily routine in South Dakota. But a word of caution, use common sense when you are on busy streets and know the rules of the road for your safety.

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Did you know that Sioux Falls has been recognized as a Bronze-level Bike Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists? The 29-mile paved Bike Trail wraps itself around the city along the Big Sioux River greenway.

Bicyclists have the same rights to the road as motor vehicles do. Sharing the road with bicyclists, drivers should give bikers at least 3-feet of distance when on the road.

Pump up your tires, strap on your bike helmet, and put the pedal to the road.


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