Chislic is not only delicious, but it is one of many foods that makes our area unique. This summer, you won't want to miss the state's celebration of the great South Dakota food!

The South Dakota Chislic festival will be held Saturday, July 30th in Freeman, South Dakota.

For reference, Freeman is roughly one hour West of Sioux Falls, and is 40 minutes due North of Yankton.


It's just the 4th annual festival at it's current location, but it's pretty safe to say it will be around for generations to come. Here's a bit of history from the festival's official website:

"The South Dakota Chislic Festival began into 2018 with a desire to promote Freeman and the greater Chislic Circle, building on the food and heritage of our region.  We were totally overwhelmed by the massive influx of people from all over the country."

It's sure to be another great time this Summer in Freeman, as there are events planned all day long on Saturday.

Here is one of the recent official posts with the day's agenda:

Don't miss out on what is quickly becoming a South Dakota Summer tradition!

As someone new to the Dakotas and the Sioux Empire, I've already got it marked on my calendar!

For more information, visit the Official Site, or the event's Twitter Page.


Sources: South Dakota Chislic Festival and ChislicFestSD Twitter

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