Do the foods where you live define you? Wow, that's a mouth full! Considering one of South Dakota's favorite nosh is bull testicles.

The food fads across the country differ from state to state. In the upper plains, it may seem that our palettes pale in comparison with others.

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Yes, the Rushmore State is known for beef in the form of Chislic. Seasoned and deep-fried. Also made from venison or lamb.

Previously mentioned Rocky Mountain Oysters are an acquired taste and now through the winter season is the perfect time to sample if you can find a dive bar that is serving them.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with the Czech-influenced Kolache. Just close your eyes and enjoy these fruit and cheese-filled pastries.

Plus, all over the state of South Dakota, you will find Indian Tacos. One of the best is right here in Sioux Falls from Watecha Bowl. Great Native American food.

Iowa, where the tall corn grows is of course crazed about corn on the cob. A staple in the state where it's widely available. But the one that confuses me is more in the name. Made-Rite. Huh?

The loose-meat sandwich is commonly known elsewhere as taverns or Sloppy Joe's but is made with a tomato base. The Iowa Made-Rite's are ground beef with spices, packed on a bun.

The next time you are in Sioux City do yourself a favor and stop by the Miles Inn bar for a Charlie Boy. Same thing but sooooo good!

Pork tenderloin is another food craze in Iowa, but I've always scrunched my nose at a breaded-deep fried top-shelf cut of pork.

Ham Balls, not to be confused with bull testicles, are an Iowa favorite. A mix of both ground ham and ground beef with graham crackers, tomato sauce, and brown sugar.

Minnesota may be stereotyped with Tator Tot Hotdish, but there is more coming out of the land of 10,000 lakes. Like charcuterie, Korean BBQ, Porketta, and a Jucy Lucy.

The North Star State loves their Lefse too. The traditional Norwegian flatbread is made from potatoes.

And, anything made with wild rice.

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