South Dakota is a lot of things, and one of the biggest is tourism.

There are a lot of reasons tourists make South Dakota a vacation destination. The faces. The Falls. The fishing. The World's Only Corn Palace. Oh, and the free ice water at Wall Drug. Don't forget the free ice water.

And the opportunity to try that delicious South Dakota chislic.

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Wait. What the heck is chislic?

Well, for those of us who've spent our lifetime in South Dakota, or even several decades, we know all about chislic. But for those out-of-state vacationers, maybe not so much. In fact, Wikipedia says chislic is "most commonly localized to the state of South Dakota".

Do you mean you Rhode Island and Missouri folks haven't enjoyed chislic? You people from Georgia and New Mexico don't have chislic festivals? You tourists from the Carolinas don't know what chislic is?

Well, chislic is a little different, depending on what part of South Dakota you're visiting. In one place it might be battered, in another dusted with flour and deep-fried. It could be beef, it could be mutton, or maybe venison. But whatever it is, my far-away friend, rest assured it's delicious.

And it might well be served on a skewer. Or maybe a toothpick.

So now you have two questions. 1) How do I get to Mt. Rushmore? And 2) Where can I find a few pieces of this chislic I've heard so much about?

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