Farming season is in full swing in South Dakota! Tractors are in the fields. Farmers are finishing up in one area and off to the next. Many times that trip includes a short jaunt down one of the rural highways in our area.

This is a simple reminder. When you see a tractor with a slow-moving vehicle decal on it you need to catch your attention. Actually quite a bit. According to the South Dakota Department of Public Safety:

Slow Moving Vehicle - A reflective orange triangle on the rear of a vehicle means it is traveling less than 25 mph. You may see this decal on construction equipment, in rural areas on farm vehicles or horse drawn
wagons or carriages.

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Here's what a lot of people either don't know or forget. If you come upon a tractor with a Slow Moving Vehicle Decal slow down, to the speed the slow-moving vehicle is traveling, THEN pass with caution. In short, don't come up 65 MPH and blow by without slowing down.

"We also need to remember that it may be necessary to operate farm equipment on the roadways to move between fields or farms and they are also entitled to do so, legally...Motorists should also not assume that a producer knows you are there. However, once they know you are there they will attempt to pull over, if they are able to do so safely, so you may pass. Patience is key, there may not always be an approach that is immediately accessible or a ditch that allows them to ride the shoulder without tipping or running into an object."  - Tracey Erickson SDSU Extension

Here's a bad situation that can happen. You go to pass at the wrong time and something like this could happen.

Here's the deal drivers. Slow down. Slow down to the speed of the tractor or slow-moving vehicle. Then, and only then, proceed to pass with caution.

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