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Elle King and Dierks Bentley now have two collaborations together. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform their new one "Worth A Shot," as well as talk about all their projects.

King is the first female artist to score 4 number 1 radio singles in 4 different genres. Now she's excited to be pursuing country music, because of her roots. At 24-years-old, she wrote the song "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)" and nothing came of it. But she didn't want the song to die, particularly the chorus. So she re-wrote the song and reached out to Miranda Lambert with it. Lambert took a day to respond, but then she told King she loved it and the rest is history. But that wasn't King's first dip in country music for a collaboration. Bentley reached out to King to collaborate on his song "Different For Girls" several years ago.

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Since the "Different For Girls" collaboration King and Bentley have loved working together. Ross Copperman wrote the song "Worth A Shot" and originally sent it to Bentley to cut, but it didn't make his record. Copperman sent it to King and she loved it, and thought it was super catchy. The song came full circle when King reached out to Bentley asking him to collaborate on the song with her for her upcoming country record. King wanted to recognize Bentley for bringing her into the country world, and she felt it was the perfect opportunity to do that with this song. Bentley obviously said yes, and said he would have sung on anything she asked him to. Though he noted it's a lot of time and works to do a collaboration with someone. When an artist agrees to a collaboration, they have to spend at least the next year with that person promoting it. Bentley has said no to some collaborations, and some people have said no to him. He also confessed that he's said yes to collaboration before, and then didn't like how it turned out so he told his management to get him cut from it.

King and Bentley have become great friends through their collaborations, and now they're hosting the CMA Festival TV special together. Bentley said he's at a point where he just wants to do fun things in his career now, and this will be a fun thing for him. Adding that King is fun to be around and he believes the sun just follows her around. During CMA Fest, Bentley shared he's bringing out King during his set as well as another special guest. Even though King is excited, she is fighting an injury. She confessed she's always hurt, currently, she's dealing with a sprained ankle that she had re-sprained during their music video shoot for "Worth A Shot."

Besides being in the studio and their new CMA Fest project, King spends the majority of her time on the road. She really likes to work and admitted she doesn't do well with too much time off. Though she does like country tours because it's a good mix of working with days off. And Bentley is spending his extra time working on his new record, adding that he's on the third version of it right now.

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