We had a blast this morning. One of the reasons we had so much fun was talking about one of the big events hitting the region this weekend. Danish Days in Viborg!

Here is the tweet that started the firestorm of fun!

Parade,carnival, car show, poker run, brats, shore store , kirkburgers, live music, more moms dancing on tables #danishdays2014

Come on! You can't be intrigued. We found out that Kirk Burgers are the burgers made by 'Kirk' from the local grocery store. But moms dancing on tables? That was an attention getter!

We wanted to know more about that! So we threw the phone lines open and Amanda called us up and helped us out with details! Hit play to listen to Amanda!

So, why did they call it Viborg?  Their website is very well put together and they have details here!

Tam and I are thinking about headed down for a Kirk Burger. Who knows, maybe we'll get her up on a picnic table too!

Make sure you share this with your Viborg friends on Facebook and Twitter. It's a small town throw down! Danish Days 2014  #danishdays2014

Alex and Kayla
Alex and Kayla




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