There are towns that are within about an hour of Sioux Falls, that I am entirely jealous of.  Viborg, South Dakota might be one of them.  We chose Viborg as the the Small Town of the Day from a suggestion on Facebook.  According to Renae Hansen, she said let's celebrate Viborg!

Home of the friendly Danes! We have South Dakota's oldest continuously running theater, a thriving Main Street, three great places to eat, and so much more. Danish Days is coming up on July 19, 20, and 21, and the mayor of Viborg Denmark is even planning to stop by for that. And then on the 22nd we're the Capital for a Day and Governor Daugaard (a full blooded Dane himself) will be here for the day.

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Viborg teams up with Hurley for school consolidation, they are the Cougars!

Karen Kirkebak Viborg is home to Swan Lake! My family has had a cabin there forever and Viborg is our summer hometown. Thanks KIKN for the shout out to this great community!

Renae Hansen Best small town ever! We're known for so many things it would be hard to list them all. We have Danish Days coming up on July 19, 20, 21 and that's always a great time and this year the mayor of Viborg Denmark is planning a visit and will tell us more about the city we're named for. We're Capital for the Day on July 22nd and Governor and Mrs. Daugaard will be here on that day. We have an awesome Main Street and you can buy pretty much anything you need right here in town. We have Pioneer Memorial Hospital, as well as an attached nursing home and assisted living center, which is also the largest employer in Turner County. We've recently started running the Lund Theatre, which is the longest continually running theater in the state, on a volunteer basis and it's going great. The theater even recently showed Monster University and Lone Ranger on their opening weekends. We're also known for the accomplishments of our VHHS students, including making it to the Boys State Basketball tournaments five years in a row and taking home the boys state track title last year. I could go on and on, but won't:) Excellent choice for your small town of the day!

Roxanne Polley told us on Facebook.  My brother was the last baby to be born at the hospital in Viborg in 1988.

Here's a salute to our Small Town of the Day- Viborg, South Dakota!

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