During a high school band concert, the band is playing the Star Spangled Banner.  The cymbal player has the worst possible luck at the worst possible moment.  His cymbal broke.

Instead of freaking out, he gently puts down the one cymbal he has left and saluted the American Flag.  The crowd went wild!

I have to hand it to the young man.  He did the first thing that came to his mind.  It was the right call.

This faux pas gave him the opportunity to do something that I doubt very few in the audience were doing.  Saluting the flag.  But with his salute, something much more was being done.  He was honoring those who paid the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.  He was honoring those men and women in uniform who serve 24-7-365.  He was honoring all of our veterans who are still with us.

With a single act of selflessness, he brought the true spirit of the Star Spangled Banner into the concert.  His band director and parents should be proud of his actions.  I know I am. His act reminded us all that freedom isn't free.


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