Give me a blue clear sky like the one in Sioux Falls Thursday morning and an American Flag flying high any day, and I'm happy. It's picture perfect in Sioux Falls.

Flags seem to be on my mind today. I think about the flag flying proudly on the street where I live. It got me thinking. Then I heard who was singing the Star Spangled Banner at Thursday's Game One of the NBA Finals. It's John Legend. 

Legend sang at the 2013 NBA All Star Game and it went like this.

Now, I'm a connoisseur of the singing of The Star Spangled Banner.  I hear it sung about 40 times per year at Sioux Falls Skyforce games. It's a tough song to sing because of the range and people have a habit for messing up the words. Hey, it's pressure standing out there with a mic.

The late Whitney Houston and Faith Hill are my favorites from the Super Bowl performances but I have to admit that Lady Gaga was impressive when she did the song. So, where am I going with all this?

Let me take you back to 1984.  I was watching the NBA All Star Game alone in my apartment Winner, SD on a little 13 inch black and white TV. The game was about to start. I couldn't wait for Kareem and Magic and the crew to get started. Then Marvin Gaye came out and blew me away. I'm not usually a fan of embellishing or dressing it up but this was epic.

Just hearing that John Legend is doing the Star Spangled Banner Thursday night got me wondering, if he'd do it something like this. If he did, it would be incredible.

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