This seems to be a recurring story. Coyotes. In Sioux Falls.

The other night at a Sioux Falls Skyforce Game a co-worker mentioned how she and her husband had seen a coyote Sunday morning near 57th and Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls.

At first I thought, wow, that's crazy. Then I remembered a couple of stories that I did on coyotes either in or near town.  It makes sense that there could be a family of coyotes with a den near the Big Sioux River which runs through Sioux Falls.

Still, it's kind of cool to consider, as modernized and paved over as we are, those rascals can still survive and thrive here in South Dakotas largest city, Sioux Falls.

Side note: P.J. called me from Fairfax, South Dakota the other day and said, come out, let's go coyote hunting. I'm going. Saturday morning. Temperatures should be below zero. Call me nuts, but I'm going! I'll have a story on that too!

Here's the rest of the story/stories I did a few years ago on coyotes in Sioux Falls.

Wednesday, I put a story out on Coyotes howling in Sioux Falls. My point was simple, I hadn't ever heard them, in Sioux Falls. I've lived in the central part of town and more recently southeastern Sioux Falls near Harmondon Park.

The response on Facebook and Twitter was awesome. I thought I would share some of them with you here!

Christina Watson I live off of 57th and Galway and I hear them all the time. My dog just goes nuts! Just recently I have heard an owl, that's been a first in 10 years being out there.

Mark Peterson I live in the Cactus Heights area and have seen and heard them for years. Go Yotes!

Chere Branson We had a black bobcat on our farm a few weeks ago but it is gone now we don't see it but that was different color than most bobcats
Alecia Bingham We live over by 41st and hwy11 and we've heard them howling at night through the summer. It's been a few weeks that we have not heard them now

Kimberley 'Hort' Wenzel I heard them just the other night! We live off of 26th and the Tea Ellis road... It was so loud, it sounded like they were right below my window!

Those were some of the posts on the KIKN Facebook page. The story was also cross posted to B102.7 and their listeners said, Tyson took a pretty good shot at me and justifiably so.

Tyson Hart Uummm why is it crazy to hear coyotes howling in South Dakota? It's not, they live here too haha

Kay Parkinson Since we built where they live. Yes we have coyotes. Adapt well to scavenging and hunting in town.

Corey Gaddis Back when I was soloing in my balloon I was skimming some corn west of Brandon in the river valley and scared one up. As I flew west there was something running away from me in the rows if corn. Chased it until ran out of the corn and that's when I seen it. Pretty cool as I figured it was a baby deer as I couldn't see it just rustling corn.

Stephanie Pruett Wegehaupt I saw a coyote on the bike trail right along the road this spring on Southeastern near 41st Street. Glad I was in my car driving by!Brian K Hardy I've spotted two in the past year by 69th and Southeastern-really cool to see them!

Here is the original story.

Tell me I'm crazy, but last Friday morning at 4:00 AM I was up early and outside. And I'm pretty sure I heard coyotes howling. Can that be?

Having grown up in central South Dakota, I am pretty sure I know what coyotes sound like. I've been up in a tree stand listening to them while out bow hunting many times. Heck, I've had them come right under my stand while hunting, but I have to tell you I've never heard coyotes in Sioux Falls.

We live near Harmondon Park in South East Sioux Falls, so I imagine it's not that improbable. With a gentle 'sound carrying breeze' from the south east that morning I could hear them quite clearly. Then, I heard it again Sunday night while I was out walking Molly.

So, how about it. If you live over near the Big Sioux River in Southern Sioux Falls, have you heard what I'm talking about?  Coyotes? Howling late at night?

I would love to hear from you. E-mail me with details at

Oh, and share this with your rural friends. I'm sure they'll love seeing us talking about Coyotes, near Sioux Falls.

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