I know you'll think this is an April Fool's Day prank, but it isn't. Colorado has an unexpected weapon against the wolf packs. It's guard donkeys. Seriously.

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As soon as I saw this story shared by NEXT 9 News out of Denver, I immediately thought it was already April 1. Nope, guard donkeys in Colorado are real.

I did some searching to verify this wasn't a prank and found another article from CPR a week or so ago also discussing these vicious burro protectors. They say that ranchers have found them to be effective at convincing wolf herds that it's not worth the fight. The donkeys apparently have no fear when it comes to wolves and will inflict pain on intruders.

Donkeys as herd protectors is not a new theory. I found video dating back 13 years showing what a good job the donkeys did with sheep and cattle.

It's not all sunshine and roses (and donkeys) when it comes to having these animals in charge of cattle security. Mother Earth News also mentioned the pros and cons of donkeys being a predator deterrent.

Even though this is April 1, Colorado guard donkeys are real.

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