Can't a bear get any privacy these days? The answer to that question is apparently "no" as a new video shows a bear walking down the street with toilet paper stuck to his back side.

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It's probably worth mentioning that this awkward moment happened near Lake Tahoe, California because...well, it's California. Here's the simple backstory shared with the video:

A teenage bear local to Lake Tahoe is caught mid wipe.

Just watch because I have so many questions.

First, the video sharer says it's a "teenage bear" meaning that older bears know better than to leave the toilet paper in there? Second question...who in heck fire gave the bear toilet paper and how (and why) did he use it? I'm hoping that in the bear restroom that the toilet paper is installed in the "over" position at least.

The Lake Tahoe area is one of the most active bear places in the country as I've seen dozens of video just this summer shared that involve close encounters with these large predators. Even the real estate videos now feature bears like this one from just yesterday.

One even went for a dip in the lake itself last week.

You can now add "bears using toilet paper" to your 2022 calendar of weirdness.

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