When you're a moose, you've got a big legacy to live up to. One baby moose was working on his/her charging game recently with some relentless practice against an innocent road sign.

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There was no mention where this occurred, but I saw this trending on Digg. I believe that Dave Reed was the guy who recorded the video and Kellen Brent shared it on YouTube.

Based on the YouTube info, I'm gonna say that likely happened in Alaska.

The last time I saw something like this was a video share on Reddit a few years ago showing another baby moose who was trying to charge, but in that case it was a tree stump.

There was also the story of a moose that seemed to read a road sign and then obey it by crossing the street where it said. Don't underestimate the common sense tendencies of these animals.

All About Moose says that babies like this one are born weighing around 30 to 40 pounds, but will eventually weigh in up to a staggering 1,600 pounds. They say the hearing and smell of these animals is epic, but their vision...well, not so much.

Another fun wildlife moment where it's nature being nature and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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