Thanks to 'Jake' for bringing in a Christmas Cookie for me today.  I knew that I had a quick meeting with him scheduled this morning and as I walked into the office one of the first things I saw was what looked to be a 'Christmas Cookie'.

Jake finally came in and said..."oh, I have something for you". Terri and Anita made Christmas Cookies last night for me because they knew I like the Packers and since I know you like them too, I brought one for you.

Now, I don't usually dive into the cookies but this one was different.  There IS something 'special' about Christmas Cookies and the people who take the time to make them.  First of all, it was a Grandmother and Granddaughter spending time together in the kitchen.  Second of all, they took the time to make something that 'Grandpa' would like.  Maybe even a co-worker of Grandpa's.

Christmas time is awesome.  What do you say.  Fire that oven up to 400 and make some Christmas Cookies tonight.  And if you have kids, ask them 'what should we put on' those Christmas Cookies.