The number one Christmas cookie in America is the basic sugar cookie, but that isn't the case in every state.

Reader's Digest has put together a list of favorite holiday cookies in each state. I wouldn't consider all of these varieties, "cookies." Bars, candy and cookies were all represented.

Our friends in Iowa love their peanut clusters. Here's a quick and easy recipe for them. Minnesotans love those buttery, crispy pressed Spritz cookies. Here in South Dakota, if we're going to eat something fattening and ooey and gooey, we're going to make sure we throw everything but the kitchen sink into it. South Dakotans favorite holiday cookie isn't even a cookie - it's a bar. Our favorite is Seven Layer Bars.

As I was looking through the list, I found several different varieties I would like to try. The best part is they each have a link to a recipe. My Kitchen Aid mixer is going to get a workout this weekend.