The Girl Scouts of America are now cleared to sell their coveted cookies digitally. But only if their councils and guardians say it's okay.

The new high tech move by the Girl Scouts is not meant to replace, but enhance already strong cookie sales. In other words, you will still have the cute smiling faces on your doorstep with a shiny red wagon, but you will also have the opportunity to buy them directly online.

Girls Scouts can even build, design, and personalize a website. For security reasons, the personalized websites will not be accessible without an email invitation. They can also put up videos explaining who they are and what they plan to do with their proceeds. Or, the girls may have a mobile app that includes credit card processing and direct shipping.

Sounds easier than setting up a booth outside a busy supermarket.

Scout officials tell the Associated Press that learning online sales will teach the girls how to handle customers money in a new way and learn how the credit/debit card process works.

This certainly sounds like a game changer for one of America's favorite treats...all for a worthy cause.

The Associated Press contributed to this report