Dunking Girl Scout cookies in a glass of milk is for kids. Grown ups need something with a little kick. A website has suggested which wines should be paired with your favorite Girl Scout cookies. Paula Moulton, a Napa Valley wine grower made pairing recommendations for some classic Girl Scout Cookies.

Just think how many cookies the Girl Scouts could sell this year if they used this angle in their advertising!

A favorite for many is the Girl Scout Thin Mint. According to the website, a merlot or pinot noir would pair well with this refreshing cookie.

My favorite has always been the Shortbread cookie. A glass of sparkling wine or a chardonnay would taste good with this butttery, sweet cookie.

See the rest of the pairings here.

Girl Scout cookie sales in Sioux Falls run from February 12 through March 13, 2016. Get more info on the Dakota Horizons website.