Over the last few weeks, we've heard about Eddie's unique punishment for his son with Bologna sandwiches. The punishment worked, after eating Bologna sandwiches for a week, Eddie's son got his grades up.

Eddie was proud of coming up with a punishment that worked to make his son realize the importance of his grades. However, now is punishment is coming back at him. 14-year-old listener Riley called into The Bobby Bones Show with a suggestion. She wanted Eddie to be punished with eating Bologna sandwiches for a few days every time he lost a game.

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Bobby Bones liked the idea but tweaked it a bit. Instead of it being a punishment every time he loses a game, Bones said for the entirety of 2022, Eddie's punishment will be eating Bologna sandwiches. If he does anything on the show that ends up in punishment, he will be met with eating several Bologna sandwiches.

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