If you were listening to The Bobby Bones Show Monday morning you might have caught this story. It goes to show, that it doesn't matter where we come from or how we got here, we can all do good! Check this out! Listen to The Bobby Bones Show weekday mornings on Kickin' 100.5 and on your KIKN Country App. 

14-year-old Meena Kumar was found abandoned in a basket on a college campus in India when she was nine months old.

After a year in an orphanage, she was adopted by a couple and brought to San Jose, California. Since she was little, Kumar loved dogs and liked to spend almost every weekend at the Humane Society or Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Kumar understood what the senior dogs felt like being left behind and she wanted to be sure they found the loving homes they deserved. But unfortunately, she was too young to volunteer, so she made her own way to help. She started by offering pet sitting on Nextdoor with her earnings going to support Muttville. Then she created Pet Fairy Services with rates at $35 per day to watch animals in her community.

Thanks to Kumar, she managed to raise $7,000 for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue over the last few years. And then thanks to her father's employer Intel, that number doubled to $14,000 through their donation program.

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