Producer Hillary has worked for the Bobby Bones Show for over 4.5 years, but today (March 9) is her last day on the show. She started out as a phone screener and then worked her way into a producer position over the years. For her last day, she shared her top 3 most memorable moments!

  1. Bobby had her for the annual Christmas gift exchange and gifted her a box of cash so that she could fly home to see her family after not being able to afford a ticket over Thanksgiving.
  2. When she crashed into the building and it became a whole thing.
  3. When she lost the show's March Madness bet and had to sing "I'm A Little Teacup" at Starbucks while wearing her underwear over her jeans.
Hillary also shared that she feels like she's a harder worker because of the show. Noting that Bobby pushes people and because of that and the show's high-pressure environment, she feels like she can handle anything moving forward. She's been in radio for over 9 years so she is excited about her new job exploring the other side of the music industry to see how everything comes together. Hillary accepted a job at the music label Broken Bow that will keep her in Nashville and in the music industry. She shared more about her new journey and why she chose it on Morgan's Best Bits Podcast last weekend here.
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Her role on the show stayed mostly behind the scenes, but there were times listeners would catch her on-air sharing stories about her dating life or winning and losing certain challenges as she noted in her memorable moments above. She shared a heartfelt tribute to her time on the show on Instagram,

"Tomorrow is sadly my last day with the show. I’ve been sitting here going back through pictures and videos from my time on the show and it’s brought me to tears. Some of my favorite memories were made on this show. It’s been an amazing 4.5 years!"

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