The Falls Area Bicyclists held the Sioux Falls Trail Challenge on Saturday, June 30, to get people out riding bikes, running or skating our city's 20 mile loop.

Nearly 400 people turned out on a morning that threatened, but never delivered, some bad weather.

The goal of the event -- formerly Tour Sioux Falls -- was to raise money for the Falls Area Single Track, a separate organization that promotes mountain biking in the city.

At the FAB summer member meeting on Sunday (July 15) the fundraising total was announced and the number came to $6,871.

Full disclosure, I'm on the board of FAB, but even I was surprised at how much we raised. Also full disclosure, I didn't have to do much, other than direct people to right starting spot the morning of the ride.

The FAST project to build up to four miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking or running is a $70,000 project. They've been raising money for awhile and have surpassed the $40,000 mark. Building is underway. Learn more at the FAST website and find out how to donate.

Thanks to everybody who put on such a great event for wonderful, and long-term, project.

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