First, it was the residents of the Tuthill Park area, now the Sioux Falls Mayor is on the record expressing his concern, and displeasure for the person or people responsible for burning a swastika in the parking lot of one of the city's most popular public parks.

KSFY TV is reporting that Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken fired up his Twitter account on Monday to denounce an act of vandalism that occurred in Tuthill Park on Saturday night, (March 23).

As KSFY previously reported, Sioux Falls Police were called to the Tuthill Park upper parking lot shortly after 9 PM on Saturday night, after reports came in from neighbors in the area that saw a group of people in the upper parking lot, and what appeared to be fire.

Once authorities arrived, they found that a swastika and a phallic symbol had been burned into a portion of the parking lot area.

TenHaken took to Twitter on Monday to publicly condemn the act of vandalism.

In his statement on Twitter, TenHaken said, "Regardless of its motives as a stupid prank or display of hate, the seriousness of this crime is significant. As parents and as a community, we all play a role in teaching our children about the history and hate this symbol represents."

According to KSFY, city officials have also reached out to the leaders of the Jewish community here in Sioux Falls to reassure them this type of act will not be tolerated.

Source: KSFY TV

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