About one week after some fairly wicked river flooding in Sioux Falls, I went for a little hike through Tutuhill Park. I use the big sledding hill to get me into shape for hunting season and will also walk around the park on flat ground just racking up miles with some weight on my back.

While walking along the Big Sioux River I came up to the thickly wooded area to the northeast of the main open section of the park. There was a fair amount of general trash back in there, some of which looked as thought it had been placed there temporarily by parks department workers until they finished other work and it could be hauled away.

The most conspicuous thing I saw was a fairly large deck storage box. One end was broken and it was nearly upside down. I can only imagine the path it had traveled to end up in this section of the park, considering that I took this photo in a place that had a foot or more of water in it a week earlier.

But if you're missing this thing, you probably don't want it back, but here it is. I just hope you didn't dump it in the river.

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